Adobe InDesign Advanced

Course Dates:

Use the skills learnt on this course to expand your knowledge of content creation features and advanced control techniques.

Duration 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Layouts
  • Manage document set-ups
  • Creation features
  • Layers & colours
  • Controlling Placed Images

Course Content

  • Re-purposing Layouts
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Understanding Liquid Layout rules
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Applying Liquid Layout rules
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Automatic layout adjustments
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Content Collector and Content Placer Tools
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating Alternate Layouts
  • Advanced document set-up
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with different sized pages
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Controlling spread pagination
  • Working with Grids
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating custom Grid layouts
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with baseline grids
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Frame-based baseline grids
  • Automating Copy Formatting
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Setting Hyphenation controls
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating and applying Nested styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with Advanced List Numbering options
  • Useful content creation features
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Anchored versus In-line objects
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Formatting Anchored Objects
  • Advanced Object Styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating Object Styles for Text and Graphic frames
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Combining Text and Graphic frame attributes in a single Object style
  • Captions on placed images
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating Static Captions
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating Live Captions
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Adobe Bridge to add relevant Metadata for caption.
  • Advanced control of placed images
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using images with in-built Photoshop clipping paths
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using images with pre-defined Photoshop Channels
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Removing image backgrounds
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Tolerance and threshold options
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Layer visibility options of native (.psd and .ai) files
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Colour swatches from placed artwork
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Loading colours from ASE files
  • Drawing in InDesign
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Adjusting path segments
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Pen Tools
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Combining shapes
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating compound paths
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with stroke styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Transform Again options
  • Adding interactivity
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Sample Buttons
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating Buttons
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Adding actions to buttons for interactive PDFs
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Exporting interactive PDFs
  • Using Scripts
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Accessing the Scripts panel
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using scripts
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Installing additional scripts

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