Adobe InDesign Intermediate

Course Dates:

Use the skills learnt on this course to allow you to expand your knowledge of long document techniques and text and graphic tools.

Duration 1 Day

ƒ‚‚ Learning Objectives

  • Understand layers
  • Manage colour options
  • Special Effects
  • Spreads
  • Export options

Course Content

  • Using Layers to organise page content
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating and naming layers
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Moving objects across layers
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Locking and unlocking Layers
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Reordering Layers
  • Long document creation
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Parent and Child master pages
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Document Sections
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Running Headers and Footers
  • Advanced type formatting options
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Importing styles from Word
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Paragraph Shading
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating balanced headline text
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Adding above and below rules
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Spanning text across columns
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Splitting text into columns
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using nested styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using First Line styles
  • Table of Contents
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating a Table of Contents using
    Paragraph Styles
  • Tables
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating tables
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Converting tabbed text to tables
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Header and Footer Rows
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Cell Styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Table Styles
  • Working with spreads
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating multi-page spreads
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Different sized pages within one
  • Combining text and graphics
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating object styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Controlling what is affected by text
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Advanced text wrap options
  • Gridify
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating grids of Images and shapes
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Gap Tool
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Controlling frame contents
  • Drawing and editing Shapes
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Shape tools
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Live Corner effects
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Combining shapes
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Editing shapes
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ An introduction to the Pen Tool
  • Advanced colour options
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating and editing gradients
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Spot colours versus process colours
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with tints
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Adding colours to a CC Library
  • Special Effects
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Adding special effects to page items
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Working with Transparency
  • Printing and export options
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating and editing PDF presets
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Producing PDF files for a highresolution
    composite workflow
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Producing PDFs containing hyperlinked
    Table of Contents

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