Adobe InDesign Introduction

Course Dates:

Business Benefit

Use the skills learnt on this course to allow you create visually interesting and creative publications with a minimal amount of effort and greater productivity.

Duration 1 Day

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand type controls
  • Manage graphics
  • File management
  • Layers & colours
  • Document set-up

Course Content

  • The InDesign interface
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating a custom workspace
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Navigating around a document
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Smart guides and smart spacing
  • Creating a new document
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ The New document dialog box
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Introducing text frames
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Selecting and editing text
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Character formatting
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using colour with text
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Placing a picture
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Content Indicator
  • Working with colour
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating colour swatches
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Spot versus process colours
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Applying Strokes and Fills
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating tints
  • Multiple page documents
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Multi-page documents
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Pages panel
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Placing text
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Flowing text through frames
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Paragraph formatting
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using the Eyedropper tool
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Multi-column text frames
  • Lists
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Bullet-Point lists
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Numbered lists
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Editing List formatting
  • Working with styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Character and paragraph styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Editing and applying styles
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Removing style formatting
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Quick Apply
  • Working with graphics
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Different file formats
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Picture fitting options
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using Auto-fit
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Placing multiple graphics
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Wrapping text around images
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Images with clipping paths
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Checking image resolution using the Info Panel
  • Working with Master Pages
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Master Page guidelines
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Creating and editing Masters
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Applying Master Pages
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Auto-numbering pages
  • Exporting and printing
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Using pre-defined PDF presets
    ƒ¢‚€‚¢ Exporting PDF files

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