Creative Writing


The need for creating copy that engages with clients is essential to business. Therefore, it is imperative that these written assignments accurately reflect the ideas, understanding, concepts and thinking of the writer.

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Plan your copy – who is the audience, length of copy, key messages, graphics and (most importantly) ‘finding your voice and tone’.
  • Write your copy – using engaging language and story-telling techniques that reflects the ‘voice’ above, tells the story and sells the location.
  • Edit your copy – ensuring ‘every word does its job’, being concise, readable and engaging. Classic editing ‘removals’, avoiding clich’s, recognising tautology.
  • Format your copy – ensuring it looks good in print.
  • Check your copy – critical proofreading (spelling, punctuation, fonts, spacing, bullets.)
  • Common errors – examples of ‘disasters’ and what to avoid. The final pre-publishing check.

Course Content

  • Planning your copy for its audience and key message
  • Writing engaging copy
  • Editing your copy
  • Formatting your copy for its media
  • Check your copy/critical proofreading
  • Avoiding common errors

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