Customer Service Excellence(ILM)

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Giving good customer service is not enough to set you apart from your competition; you need to give exceptional customer service. Exceptional customer service is giving the customer what they need and learning and improving your delivery so that it stays ahead of the norm for your industry. All attendees qualify for free ILM Membership, Studying members can get a range of benefits including – Harvard Business Publishing online books, Career development Advice, Information on networking events around the UK, Edge Online a regular management magazine.

Duration 3 Days

Who should attend?

Managers and staff in a customer facing role.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what customer service is

  •  What do customers expect of us?

  •  How should we communicate with our customers?

  •  How customer service can keep or lose customers

  •  Customer care policies  how to create and implement

  •  Customer care Charters what they do?

  •  Developing a personal plan to improve your customer care

  •  Handling complaints positively

  •  Measuring and evaluating our processes and policies

  •  Apply problem solving techniques in decision making

  •  Understand team dynamics to improve customer service delivery

  •  Your role in improving the teams performance

Course Content

  • Day 1 Customer care in action

    Customer Care v Customer Service

    What are Customer Expectations?

    Communication Skills

    Telephone Techniques

    Building Rapport & Gaining Attention

    Effective questioning skills

    Listening skills

    Body Language

    Lost customers whats the cost?

    Day 2 & 3 Implementing Customer Care policies and procedures

  • The importance of a customer care policy

    Developing a Customer Care Charter

    Identify what makes customer care count

    Handling complaints effectively

    Measuring customer satisfaction

    Problem solving and decision making techniques.

    Identify ways of implementing change in response to customer needs

    Monitoring of Customer care polices

    Empowering Teams to Improve customer Service

    Plan and organise development of customer care staff

ILM Qualifications, Sales and Customer Service

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