CV Writing & Attending an Interview

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Business Benefit :-

Sometimes essential restructuring results in losing staff and most organisations wish to afford those staff every assistance they can in gaining alternative employment. This course addresses the issue of CV writing and gives delegates some top tips in putting together a CV that will open doors for them. The course also looks at the skill of reading and interpreting CVs.

Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to create a CV or whose job entails them reading and interpreting other peoples CVs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the contents of a dynamic CV.
  • Demonstrate the skill of writing positive statements.
  • Create a CV using Microsoft Word.
  • Prepare for an Interview
  • Understand Competencies
  • Carry out Experiential Questioning using the STAR technique
  • Understand the importance of Impact and Presence
  • Communication
  • Make a presentation
  • The Interview
  • The Process
  • Skills required
  • Questioning
  • Practice session

Course Content

  • Content, length and presentation of a CV
  • How best to describe education, work experience, interests and activities, etc.
  • Making positive statements
  • Dealing with “gaps” and “job durations”
  • Creating a CV with MS Word
  • Questions you want to ask at the interview
  • Appearance & Attitude check
  • Evidence of past achievements
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Experience and Behaviours
  • What the interviewer(s) is looking for
  • Your Personal Qualities and Attributes (PQAs)
  • The STAR Technique

Personal Development

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