Embedding an Understanding of Competencies


Business Benefit:-

Whilst many organisations have a competency framework in place not all staff understand the value and purpose of the framework. This can impact on things such as annual appraisals being completed effectively and general performance management issues.

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

This is a workshop for managers and HR specialists consisting of facilitated discussion and exercises on the Competency Framework.

Learning Outcomes

  • Fully appreciate why a competency framework exists
  • Understand the differences between technical and behavioural competencies
  • Understand how and when competencies will be measured

Course Content

  • Establish what competencies are and the difference between Technical Competencies (skills, knowledge and experience needed to do the job) and Behavioural Competencies (“How we do things round here.”)
  • Define the Culture of the organisation (what are the ‘symbols’ and ‘stories’ of your culture?)
  • Examine and discuss – ‘The Cultural Web.’ ( “Exploring Strategic Change”)
  • Look at the relationship between the Culture and the Competency Framework and consider how important the competencies are in supporting and developing the Culture.
  • Discuss the behaviours needed to demonstrate the competencies and how they will be measured and by whom (appraising managers, customers, service users, etc.)

Management, Management Qualifications, Personal Development

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