Handling Difficult Telephone Conversations

Course Dates:

Telephones play a huge part in communication, both internally and externally for any organisation. They also play a big part in the image people form about an organisation. Handling difficult telephone conversations in a positive and professional way is an essential skill.

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate telephone competence and confidence
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of taking and making calls
  • Demonstrate the skills of dealing with difficult conversations
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

  • Anatomy of a telephone complaint: the difference in emotion from a face-to-face situation, and the tendency for the telephone to contribute towards increased hostility.
  • Experiencing the immediacy of a difficult caller and how to deal with the first few seconds.
  • Ignoring the hostility, but listening to the caller – being quiet but letting the caller know you are still with them.
  • Understanding empathy and depth- empathy, and how to apply them.
  • Diffusing-techniques using transactional analysis and assertiveness.
  • Finding practical solutions and ensuring the caller feels valued.
  • Ending the call and follow-up.
  • Evaluating the substance behind the call and entering this into an incident-log.

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