Home Working


Many of the workforce today are being offered the opportunity to work from home. Understanding the implications of home working is essential to maximise the opportunity effective for all parties.

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nature of home working
  • Know how manage the challenges of home working
  • Communication skills for home workers

Course Content

  • Working from home or remotely advantages and disadvantages – including the personal impact for the home-worker and their family, dealing with perceptions from office-based workers, busting myths about home-working.
  • Current trends in home working.
  • Making the adjustment to home working – explaining the benefits (not everyone likes to work from home or remotely)
  • Practical considerations: having the space to work, H+S issues, getting organised, planning, dealing with distractions from family and friends, feeling lonely, missing out on office communications, gossip or social activities, missing out on contact with key stakeholders
  • Communications for home-workers: making sure you keep in contact. Best practice for home-workers using e-mails, telephones, conference calls, social-media possibilities (benefits and risks).
  • Scheduling for home-workers: making sure that meetings and appointments can still be attended.
  • Time-management for home-workers: ensuring a home-work balance is maintained. This can be difficult as work can encroach on home-life much easier with a home-worker.
  • The psychology of ‘social distance’ within the work-place. The work of Tsedal Neeley, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Harvard Business School.


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