ILM level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching


Business Benefit :-

This programme aims to equip practising and potential team leaders and first line managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as workplace coaches as part of their normal work role. All attendees qualify for Studying membership with a range of benefits including: Harvard Business Publishing online books, Career development Advice, Information on networking events around the UK, Edge Online a regular management magazine Discounts on a range of lifestyle services.

Duration 3 Days

Who should attend?

Attendees will normally be either practising or aspiring first line managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Good Practice in Workplace Coaching
  • Organising Workplace Coaching
  • Undertaking Supervised Coaching in the Workplace
  • Each of the above has an associated assessment associated to prove learning has taken place
  • Each Award programme is run over a 3 month period

Course Content

  • Describe the effective workplace coach’s role, responsibilities, characteristics and behaviours
  • Explain the importance of assessing learning styles, agreeing learning outcomes and overcoming potential barriers to ensure that workplace coaching is effective
  • Assess own ability to use a variety of interpersonal communication strategies and give effective feedback to learners on their performance to coach them in the workplace
  • Know how to identify resources to support safe and effective coaching in the workplace
  • Know how to monitor, assess and record learners’ progress towards their goals
  • Know how to use coaching records to identify areas for improvement in own workplace coaching practice
  • Plan and organise workplace coaching sessions
  • Undertake coaching in the workplace
  • Monitor and review own workplace coaching performance

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