ILM Level 7 Certificate/Diploma in Leadership and Management!

We would like to make you aware of the newly structured ILM Level 7. The ILM Level 7 qualification has been changed and is now a Certificate in Leadership and Management. To complete the set, EQV are now offering ILM qualifications across all of the management learning levels (levels 2-7), with the level 7 available as both a Certificate and a Diploma.

Structure of the ILM Level 7 Certificate:

Reference Unit Title Level Days Training Mandatory Credit Value
8617 – 700 Developing leadership and management capability through enquiry 7 4 C D 20
8617 – 701 Developing a high-level business case 7 4 D 20
8617 – 702 Developing and maintaining a high-performance culture and optimising resources 7 4 D 20


To achieve the level 7 Certificate, the module titled ‘Developing Leadership and Management Capability through Enquiry’ must be successfully completed – this is a four day course in duration but is delivered in a two day block with coaching 6-8 weeks after and another two day block with another coaching session afterwards as a minimum.  For some individuals further coaching support may be required. This process allows you to build up the necessary research evidence that is required to achieve this level 7 qualification.

Click Here to see the course outline for – Developing Leadership and Management Capability through Enquiry