Improving Punctuation and Grammar


Well written communication is an essential skill in this competitive business world. This course looks at how you can improve your overall quality of communication by improving your Punctuation and Grammar.

Duration: 1/2 Day Session (price for 2 sessions in a day)

Learning Objectives

Identify current thinking around punctuation and grammar
Demonstrate how to use punctuation effectively
Explain common mistakes

Course Content

  • The evolution of P+G
  • The importance of understanding P+G within a business context (and the difference for creative writing)
  • Parts of speech
  • How to use the key punctuation marks and common errors
  • Current thinking on punctuation and grammar
  • Take the test: The National Curriculum – what primary school children are expected to understand and apply (Modal verbs, fronted adverbials, various tenses, relative pronouns, subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions, possessive apostrophes)
  • Myths debunked – old rules that can be ignored
  • Applying this knowledge in a business context – especially for those who edit or proofread their colleagues’ texts

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