InfoPath 2003 Level 2


Business Benefit:-

InfoPath 2003 is an addition to Microsoft Office that streamlines the process of gathering, sharing and using information, by enabling teams and organizations to create, share and work with rich, dynamic forms. The information gathered is easily reusable throughout organizations and across multiple processes because the native file format of InfoPath is XML.

Duration 2 Days

Who should attend?

Those who create new or modified forms from their organisation’s or customer-defined XML schemas, from sample XML data documents, or by defining a new custom data structure in InfoPath.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to Microsoft InfoPath SP1
  • Customizing Sample Forms
  • Creating and Using Forms
  • Creating Smart Forms
  • Creating Rich Forms
  • Advanced Form Design
  • Database Integration
  • Web Services

Course Content

  • Programming Prerequisites
  • Windows Components
  • Other Server Software
  • Customizing Sample Forms
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Modifying the View
  • Examining the Form & Publishing
  • Writing Application Logic
  • Using Data Connections
  • Using Conditional Visibility
  • Using Data Validation
  • Autopopulating Data
  • Using Master Detail Controls
  • Advanced Form Controls
  • Using Extension and XDocument from XSL
  • Integrating with ADO
  • Integrating with Access
  • Integrating with SQL
  • InfoPath-Related Database Concepts
  • Designer Support
  • Error Handling
  • Rebinding a Web Service
  • Unsupported Web Service Types
  • Using .NET Web References
  • Cross-Domain Rules for Calling Web Services
  • Deployment
  • Security Levels

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