Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is designed to provide delegates with a good understanding of the basic Lean Six Sigma methods and prepare them not only to participate as contributors to Lean Six Sigma projects, but also to start to address simple improvements in their own working area. Yellow Belts are not experts in the methodology, but understand the activities, deliverables and key concepts of Team problem-solving.

Duration 2 Days

Course Content

  • Lean Six Sigma Overview (history and main concepts)
    • Lean Six Sigma as a Management philosophy
    • Roles in Lean Six Sigma
    • Steps of Lean Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma metric
    • Effective teamwork
  • Define Phase
    • Problem Statements and goals
    • The Voice of the Customer (VOC)
    • Kano
    • Critical to Quality
    • Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Measure Phase
    • Introduction and measurement challenges
    • Process Performance Baseline
    • Process Mapping
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Analyse Phase
    • Exploratory Data Analysis (visual)
    • Value Analysis
    • Types of waste
    • Root Cause Analysis – 5 Why’s / Ishikawa diagrams
  • Improve Phase
    • Selecting Improvement Solutions
    • Ease & Effect matrix
    • Risk Management – FMEA (overview)
  • Control Phase
    • Sustaining improvement
    • Ongoing process measurement
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) – overview

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