Lean Six Sigma Yellow / Green Belt


This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge required to pass the Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt exams and become a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The course lasts five days and includes both exams.

Duration: 5 Days

Course Outline

  • The course is in two parts.
  • The first two days will cover Yellow Belt certification, which will teach you the main principles behind Lean Six Sigma.
  • The final three days will focus on Green Belt certification, which will provide you with the knowledge required to apply Lean Six Sigma Tools to projects in the workplace.

Course Content

• Project Charter
• Business Case
• Key Customers
• House of Quality
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Voice of the Customer
• Critical to Quality Requirements (CTQ)
• Verifying CTQs
• Identify and segment
• Hi –level Process map
• Project Plan
• Understanding Variability
• Measurement Basics
• Measurement Process and Plan
• Selecting Measures
• Data Definition and Sources
• Sampling
• Measuring Yield and Capability
• Implementing the Measure Plan
• Data Analysis
• Scatter Diagrams
• Run Charts
• Pareto Charts
• Frequency Charts
• Variation and Defect Analysis
• Process Mapping & Analysis
• Value Stream Analysis
• Complexity
• Cause & Effect Analysis (CNX)
• Hypotheses Analysis
• Verifying Causes
• Brain Storming
• Process Vision
• Lean Principles
• Enabling Flow
• Level Scheduling SMED
• Kanban
• Visual Management
• Selecting Solutions
• Theory Constraints
• Developing Solution Options
• How to run Kaizen events and Improvements teams
• FMEA Risk Analysis
• Implementation Planning
• Simple and necessary documentation
• Mistake Proofing
• Statistics Control
• Variation
• Control Charts
• Bar and R Charts
• Process Management
• Lean Six Sigma Score Cards

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