Managing Change

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Business Benefit :-

No longer has an occasional necessity, change become almost an everyday feature
Of business life. The ever increasing pace of technological change and constantly
Increasing customer expectations means that organisations have to be ready to
Embrace change. They also have to be able to manage its impact on both the
Business and its employees.

Duration 1 Day

Who Should attend?

This course is for managers and project sponsors who lead the introduction of change initiatives into a department or business unit or who have the responsibility to implement changes initiated by senior managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the main principles of Change Management
  • Understand the human aspects of change
  • Describe the main barriers to change
  • Create a plan to manage the impact of change on staff
  • Outlines how that plan would be implemented

Course Content

  • Understanding why change is necessary
  • The human aspects of change (including the ˜Change Curve)
  • The barriers to change
  • Planning change
  • Leading people through change and the manager’s role
  • Dealing with negativity

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