Managing Dignity at Work


The Managing Dignity at Work course not only highlights the legal issues but also looks at how organisations can embrace dignity at work to promote smoother working relationships.

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key elements of Dignity at Work
  • Understand dignity and leadership
  • Creating a code of conduct to support the strategy

Course Content

  • Developing your Dignity at Work strategy
  • How to develop a business case for investing in dignity at work
  • Adopting a zero tolerance approach to bullying, harassment and other forms of negative behaviour
  • Defining what constitutes unacceptable behaviour in your workplace
  • How to formulate your Dignity at Work policy and strategy, and communicate change
    Dignity and leadership
  • The role leaders of organisations can play in challenging negative behaviour and promoting dignity at work
  • Defining and adopting zero tolerance
  • How to engage with employees
  • Using a code of conduct can be used to promote positive workplace relationships
  • what to include in a code of conduct
  • building trust
  • Facilitating the development of Dignity at Work policies, procedures and management systems

Courses, Management, Personal Development

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