Microsoft Visio Introduction

Course Dates:

Business Benefit :-

Flowcharts, room layouts and business plans can be generated within this product.

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Anyone who has no prior knowledge of Visio and existing users who wish to improve their use of Visio.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create accurate drawings
  • Manipulate objects
  • Add text and work with shapes
  • Create master shapes and multiple page drawings
  • Manage page setup
  • Print drawings

Course Content

  • The Screen Layout
  • Object Manipulation
  • Adding text to a drawing
  • Saving & opening Files
  • Smartshapes
  • Grouping Shapes
  • Formatting
  • Creating & Drawing Shapes
  • Creating Master Shapes
  • Multiple Page Drawings
  • Layers & Backgrounds
  • Page Setup
  • Printing Drawings in Visio
  • Importing Graphics

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