MVC Web Design


Visual Studio using MVC training course to enable a Web Designer to understand the core concepts of this development model and use it to create a simple Database driven Website.

Duration: 3 Days

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what makes an MVC website
  • Create a Controller
  • Create a View
  • Create s Model
  • Linking to a database on an SQL server
  • Creating forms that allow Creation, Reading, Updating and deleting of database information
  • Create a form / view to search a database table and present the results
  • Create a view that pulls its data from two or more related database tables
  • Creating an application on a webserver but publishing it.

Course Content

  • The MVC Concept
  • Create a Controller
  • Create a View
  • Create a Model
  • Linking to a database
  • Creating CRUD forms from a database
  • Creating a search form
  • Making forms linking to two or more tables
  • Creating an application
  • Publishing to a Webserver

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