Negotiation Skills

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Business Benefit :-

One of the major “critical success factors” for many organisations is the ability to complete successful negotiations. This course focuses on this involved and challenging process, highlighting the key skills and strategies needed to negotiate a winning outcome.

Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

Sales people, buyers, managers and anyone who is involved in negotiation at any level.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define negotiation and the myths around negotiation
  • Identify the 3 criteria for negotiating
  • Examine why we negotiate and the alternatives to negotiation
  • Define the skills of a negotiator
  • Identify the four different phases in the negotiation process
  • Examine two negotiation models
  • Practice negotiation.

Course Content

  • What is negotiation
  • The myths of negotiation
  • The 3 criteria of negotiation
  • When do we normally negotiate?
  • The alternatives to negotiation
  • Power and costs the Ideal and the Limit bargaining model
  • The skills of negotiation
  • How well do you negotiate
  • The four phases of negotiation
  • The Close and Agreement
  • Negotiating Challenges
  • The BATNA Model
  • The negotiation exercise
  • Personal Development Plans

Personal Development, Sales and Customer Service

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