Project Web Access & Project Professional Introduction


With the newest release of Microsoft Project, you can either use the client on it own or in conjunction with SharePoint you can create a cloud-based project environment. This course is aimed at showing your users how to access this cloud area and work projects in it.

Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Connect to the SharePoint PWA site
  • Create a project plan
  • Use templates to create specific project types
  • Create Tasks in the cloud
  • Link tasks together
  • Explore resources
  • Track a project plan to completion
  • Opening a project in local Project client

Course Content

  • Online access to Project Online
  • Project Online Web Application (PWA)
    • Viewing projects
    • Opening Existing projects
    • Creating a new Online project
      • Using Templates
  • Creating Tasks and relationships
  • Viewing Resources
  • Adding Resources to existing Online project
  • Resource loading
  • Reports on availability & Loading
  • Filtering resources
  • Project Professional Software
    • Creating a new Online project and uploading it to Project online
    • Opening an Online Project file from project online
      • Checking a Project out?
    • Saving / synchronising to project online
    • Adding Tasks
    • Summary Tasks and Project Summary (Work breakdown)
    • Creating links between tasks to create the schedule
    • Display Outline Number
    • Showing Critical Path and Slack
    • Different Link types (FS, FF, SS, SF)
    • Lag and Lead time
    • Constraints
    • Milestones
    • Baseline creation
  • Adding resources to an online project from project online
    • Accessing the Enterprise Resource Pool
    • Generic Resourcing
    • Checking resource conflicts / levelling
  • Task reporting in Project Online
  • Viewing allocated tasks
  • Updating progress (Tracking)
    • In Online Project
    • In Desktop client
    • Seeing the effects of updates

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