Sales and Marketing

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Business Benefit :-

Reducing budgets and pressure from central government mean that more and more ƒ‚‚˜not for profit organisationsƒ‚‚™ need to sharpen their sales and marketing skills in order to effectively promote their services and fend off competition from other sectors.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in promoting the organisations services to members andƒ‚‚ clients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the organisations Marketƒ‚‚ and how its services meet thatƒ‚‚ marketƒ‚‚™s needs
  • Understand the organisationƒ‚‚™sƒ‚‚ Market Mix
  • Describe the role of Marketing inƒ‚‚ ensuring the organisationsƒ‚‚ continuing success
  • Demonstrate an ethical andƒ‚‚ professional approach to sellingƒ‚‚ the organisations services.

Course Content

  • ƒ‚‚˜What Marketing isƒ‚‚™ƒ‚‚“ a definition
  • What is our Market?
  • What are this markets needs?
  • How do our services meet those needs?
  • The 7P market mix for services
  • The role of Marketing in the ƒ‚‚˜Notƒ‚‚ for Profitƒ‚‚™ sector
  • The role of Marketing in ourƒ‚‚ organisation
  • Using promotional materialƒ‚‚ effectively
  • ƒ‚‚˜Selling to Needs an ethicalapproach to sales
  • The four step system toƒ‚‚ professional selling.

Sales and Customer Service

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