SSIS Introduction


Business Benefit

As Data size grows and more terabyte sized data warehouses are becoming common place within organisations, data controllers need more efficient data handling techniques rather than the traditional T-SQL and stored procedures. SSIS fits this position and offers data controllers a range of tools to help them manage the flow of data.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for anyone new to using SSIS and what to learn from the beginning best practice and understand the available tools.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key concept of SSIS
  • Work with the main tools within the SSIS Architecture
  • Appreciate Data Flows
  • Understand ETL packages

Course Content

  • SSIS Introduction & Historical Overview
  • SSIS Architecture
  • Packages
  • Control Flow
  • Data Flow
  • Variables
  • Parameters
  • Error Handling & Logging
  • The SSIS Package Designer
  • SSIS Tasks
  • SSIS Task Objects
  • Looping & Sequence Tasks
  • Data Mining Query Tasks
  • Data Preparation Tasks
  • RDBMS Server Tasks
  • Workflow Tasks
  • SMO Administration Tasks
  • Understanding the Data Flow
  • Common Transformations
  • Typical Mainframe ETL with Data Scrubbing
  • Joining Data
  • Accessing Heterogeneous Data


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