Study Skills


Business Benefit :-

It is commonly accepted that only 10% – 20% of what people learn in a training environment is transferred back to the place of work. This is considerably enhanced when learners attend a pre learning study day as they are better equipped to understand how they learn, what is expected of them, what they will gain and why the organisation is willing to invest in their personal development. For the organisation the cost of people development can be off set by the many benefits of improving competency through qualification programmes and nonqualification workshops.

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

This Course is invaluable for everybody involved in working with people, projects or information. Those new to management who need to acquire and develop management skills. Also experienced managers who would benefit from reacquainting themselves with the basics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Integrating study with other parts of your life
  • Improving your concentration
  • Reading efficiently and critical
  • Listening and making notes
  • making the most of feedback
  • Gaining the support and experience of others
  • Adding a study skill day before the start of any learning intervention can show measurable improvements through:
    • Quality assignment scores
    • Reduced drop out rates
    • Increased attendance rates
    • Increased satisfaction of role and workplace
    • Increased performance and behaviour in the workplace

Course Content

  • Programme introduction
  • Managing time
  • Remaining focused
  • How to get the most out of the workshops
  • Using research data and information
  • Receiving feedback

Personal Development

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