Team Building and Becoming a Better Team Player


This event focuses on practical team-building from a team-member perspective and will encourage individual team-members to collaborate, support and help each other.

Duration 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Describe confidently what teamwork is
  • Understanding your role in a successful team
  • Plan how you will become a better team player

Course Content

  • Birthday intros
  • Memory exercise
  • The ‘Cup-Song’
  • Group discussion – ‘What is teamwork?
  • The Top-Gun challenge
  • Lunchtime exercises
  • The ball-toss challenge
  • Three options
  • Group discussion – ‘How will you become a better team-player?’
  • Reprise the memory exercise
  • The ‘Three-Minute Oscars’
  • Review

Courses, Personal Development, Sales and Customer Service

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