Time Management

Course Dates:

Business Benefit :-

After this Time Management course Delegates applying the course content will be able to improve their performance as supervisors and managers and better be able to use the time available to them and their teams.

Duration 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for supervisors and managers at all levels of experience particularly those in task focused and operational roles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply new time planning and time management techniques that save time in the short, medium and long term
  • Know better how to use available technology to help manage time more effectively
  • Understand how achieve time leverage by defining activities by time and value
  • Use techniques that buy time in the future by using time effectively today
  • Adopt delegation skills that benefit themselves, the team and their organisation
  • Set priorities, critical success factors and effective goals and action plans

Course Content

  • Defining different types of time: discretionary, response, investment and leveraged time
  • Using Microsoft Outlook to manage calendars, contacts and tasks
  • Applying Stephen Coveyƒƒƒ€™s ƒƒƒ€˜Time Quadrangleƒƒƒ€™, a tool for defining and acting appropriately and proportionately on urgent, non-urgent, important and not important work
  • How to be a ƒƒƒ€˜Time Travellerƒƒƒ€™ working in, on and for the future right now.
  • The ƒƒƒ€˜Time Bucketƒƒƒ€™ concept, how to focus in the important things and use your time better
  • Assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviours ƒƒƒ€“ how they use up and make time
  • Goal setting and action planning systems
  • Using Pareto analysis
  • How to ƒƒƒ€˜ Buy Timeƒƒƒ€™ and ƒƒƒ€˜Move Timeƒƒƒ€™ using the ƒƒƒ€˜Time in a Box ƒƒƒ€˜concept for prioritising, investing and delegating time


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