Mindfulness in the Workplace

Course Dates:

Business Benefit :-

Mindfulness is about being aware of what’s happening inside and outside of ourselves, moment by moment. The course is an introduction to the principles of mindfulness for the workplace and is structured to help enable individuals to improve performance in their job roles by enhancing their ability to focus attention on tasks and achieve effective time management. The techniques offered by the simple mindfulness based practices included in the course are also designed to support increases in levels of self-awareness and awareness of others, raise levels of emotional intelligence and resilience and support decision making processes.

Duration 1 Day

Who Should Attend:

The course is suitable for those in all types of job roles and at all levels in an organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Listen more attentively
  • Be more emotionally alert
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Focus thoughts more appropriately
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Self-manage levels of motivation

Course Content:

  • Understanding mindfulness at work
  • Working mind and body together
  • Mindful communication techniques
  • Mindfully working with people
  • Managing strong emotions in self and others
  • Mindfulness , acceptance and change
  • Working in the present and time management
  • Making mindfulness work in organisations

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