Professional Telephone Skills

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Business Benefit :-

Telephones play a huge part in communication, both internally and externally for any organisation. They also play a big part in the image people form about an organisation. Good telephone skills make an organisation either a pleasure to deal with or a nightmare. This course looks at building Professional Telephone Skills that can help your organisation become a pleasure to deal with.

Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

Any member of staff who regularly uses a telephone.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate telephone competence and confidence
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of taking and making calls
  • Demonstrate the skills of dealing with difficult calls
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

  • Building an image over the phone
  • Being an ambassador of the company
  • Understanding tone and pitch of voice
  • Developing telephone confidence
  • Handling the key stages of the call
  • Handling complaints over the phone
  • Dealing with abusive and aggressive behaviour

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